Indoor Plants

When thinking about decorating a home, many ideas come to mind (colour, lighting, texture, pattern, art, furniture…) But one thing that can easily be overlooked are plants. One of the main reasons why I innitially didn’t think of adding plants into our decor was the simple fact that I didn’t know how to properly care for them as well as being unsure about what types of plants could thrive indoor. So, I decided to research the kinds of plants that would do well in a home setting. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, there are actually more significant reasons to adding these things of beauty to your home. Plants create a easier breathing environment, they clean and purify the air, reduce stress, soften the look of any space, set higher mood levels and so on. So basically I needed to find something that was kill-proof and grew as large or small as I wanted.

A plant that I immediately fell in love with while researching online was the “Pachira Aquatica” also known as the money tree, guiana chestnut or saba nut. I just loved the shape, it’s wide leaves and most of all, it’s trunk. The slender trunk is braided which just adds a little somethin’ somethin’. I decided to place this plant in our family room right next to our free-standing mirror. I love the fact that you can see it’s leaves in the reflection of the mirror from the family room, dinning room as well as kitchen. We chose a simple, minimalistic white pot from Ikea which was part of the “Kardemumma” series. The pot has vertical lines throughout with little raindrop forms in a continuous pattern. This plant loves soil that is moist at all times (hello here lies it’s kill-proof factor). This plant also thrives in indirect light so having it indoors is no problem at all.

The second plant that we have in our home actually came from my fiancee’s mom and ironically enough is called the “Mother-in-law’s tongue”. I always loved this plant! Every time we would go over to this parent’s house we would both admit to loving this plant as well as the terracotta pot it sat in. The other day, we complimented it as we usually do and this time around, his mom said “take it!”. We decided to place this one in our bedroom. The terracotta pot adds a warmth and the plant itself adds an architectural element to our bedroom. This houseplant is also great for beginner gardeners as it is recognized as one of the toughest of all house plants (again pretty much kill-proof). Needless to say, we absolutely love our touches of indoor greenery in our home. These plants really do add colour and freshness to any room!



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